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Hi everyone! We're Wilbur and Charlie and we were born on Halloween day in 2014. 

Our humans intended only to take me, Wilbur, home but Charlie melted our human's hearts by crying out for me as they were leaving. Charlie was the last kitten in the litter left, so they decided to take us both home to our new family!

When we arrived home they already decided my name would be Wilbur. Charlie was originally called something else, but after a few days they changed his name. Wanna know why? Because he liked to wrap himself around our humans hand and bite their fingers! The humans kept saying, "owwww... stop! That really hurts! He bit me!" so many times that it made them think of that 'Charlie Bit Me' video on YouTube!  So they changed his name to Charlie so they could laugh every time he bit them and say, "Charlie bit me and it really hurt!" Humans are weird.

We have a cat sister named Aria and another cat brother named Gandalf. We also got a dog brother named Vader who can be a bit scary and strange. We try and stay out of his way. 

I, Wilbur, am a super genius. I can open any cupboard in the house to find where mom hid the treats. I have also found the dog his treats and gave them to him when the humans weren't around. I think that's why he likes me better now. Charlie may not be a super genius, but he's pretty smart, too!

My brother and I are on twitter now! @TheCatBros I hope you follow us! We love meeting new friends!!

Wilbur & Charlie

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