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#VanAlike or #VanAlikes are simply vantastic cats who may be pure-bred Turkish Vans (otherwise known as “Vans”), part Van, Van look-alikes or simply “Van-At-Heart”.

The #VanAlikes is an exclusive group, celebrating the great Van lineage. However, since many cats are rescues, their staff may be unaware of their cat’s true lineage. If you think  you or your cat may be Van, a Van mix, posess Van-like traits, or simply look like a Van—WE WANT YOU!

#VanAlikes do not need papers (although those with papers are welcome).

All #VanAlike recruits must be approved by the #VanAlike Council: Pillster, Schrody, Monty and Herman!!!.

The #VanAlikes club celebrates the adventures of members and #VanHeros like Max (OTRB) who followed @Emmaluslife home from the bus stop one day and never left, and Radar (OTRB) a rescue who helped

@DrBert find forever homes for other kitties at the local cat rescue.

These are our stories... we are the #VanAlikes

What are the #VanAlikes?