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Two years ago I was not wanted in my home. I began to visit a new house. The Mom & Dad were worried about me so they talked to all the people in their street to see where I lived but nobody knew. I still returned home, even though I was unhappy there.

Last June, I decided to move into the new house permanently. At night I slept in an out building. Again the Mom & Dad tried to speak to my owner, though they didn't seem bothered that I was missing all the time. Finally, in March I became ill with an eye infection. My Mom & Dad to be took me to the vet to get treatment. They then spoke again with my old owner, who said they could adopt me.

So, I now live with my 2 step sisters, Betty & Lottie. My Mom & Dad are there too, together with the other humans....their 2 sons, who give me loads of strokes & pats.

I am SO happy now. I get loads of nice food & the best cushion in the house to sleep on. Apparently I'm 3 years old & like to be Top Cat. My step sisters are 7 now. They do love me really but I think I get on their nerves when I keep playing with their tails! I really do look like a Vanalike. I am VERY vocal & have regular chats with Mom & Dad. Unfortunately my Dad has something called an "allergy". This means he has to take tablets everyday to stop him sneezing when we come into the room. For this reason I'm not allowed in the bedroom, though I do sneak in when they're not looking.

My Secretary (uh, Mom - she photobombed me in one of my pics below!) runs my Twitter account for me as she’s a faster typist. You can find her at @animagic21.


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