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My name is Smudge and I have been told I look like a Van - (a vanalike).

I am 12yrs old with white and ginger hair. My white hair is longer than my ginger hair. I am long and thin and always have been but my long hair makes me look bigger.

My belly is white and all floofy. Mama says that the ginger makings on my back just looks as if a hoofed animal has stepped in some ginger paint and set their foot on my back.

I am fiercely independent and won't let anyone stand in my way. I have a fiery temper and won't take no prisoners when I'm in a strop. I has claws and I am not afraid to use them!! I also has a gentle nature too and I loves to give kitty kisses, kitty rubs and headbonks.

When I was younger, my fave toy was a ball that rattled when it moved. Altho I am old, I still loves my scratching-posts. I has two in my bedroom and I uses them both.

I hasn't a personal twitter account but I have a joined account with my OTRB doggy sisfur - Daisy and my earthly doggy sisfur - Alisha-mil (A-m for short) Its @daisysmudgeam 


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