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I'm Schrödinger. (So named because my big hairy human is a scientist and my small squeaky human loves him.)

When I was a tiny kitten, my humans visited their friends, my cat mummy's humans. I cunningly climbed into the small squeaky one's lap (and heart) and they were lost. So that's how I got my home.

I'm curious (named after a scientist, how could I not be?), often clever, sometimes stupid, very affectionate and occasionally completely mad.

My hobbies: cuddling, eating, following my humans around the house, ruining the sofas, trying to eat their food, playing, cuddling some more, playing with something I'm not allowed to, trying to eat their food again, cuddling, trying to get into the wardrobes and drawers, cuddling.

On Twitter as @DrSchrodinger15


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