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I’m Rumpole, named after the barrister Horace Rumpole QC (who some scurrilous humans say is fictional). I’m nine years old and live with my sister (who looks nothing like me; different dads apparently) and my adopted brother, Mr. Darcy, who is affectionately called "The Duff Cat" (designated "ugly" fat feline) after his twitter handle.

I’m on Twitter as @RumpoleQC since my namesake was barrister Horace Rumpole, QC from Rumpole of the Bailey Masterpiece Theatre and books by John Mortimer fame.

I’m a bona fide mouser, though I love to catch lizards and eat their tails. I don’t get to eat the whole thing as my humans make it a point to rescue them.

Once I got a horny toad, one of Mom’s favourite animals, but I didn't even nick it. I just said hello and let it go cos it didn’t want to play!

I’m an outdoors wannabe now. I try to rule my territory but there are too many nasty neighbourhood strays round here and they ganged up on me in our last fight and I got a very bad abscess that I’m still recovering from. My humans hope I’ll get used to not being an outdoor wanderer any more. They don’t realise I’m on to their scheme but as long as I get extra bedroom privileges and lots of treats, I’ll make sure they don’t find out. The indoor life’s not that bad.

My sister is named Emma and she is a blue-eyed siamese, calico mix. Very beautiful, but also very shy. Maybe I’ll sneak a photo of her onto my page so you can all admire her.


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