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I am Roni the Brat, king of all I survey. Roni is short for Pepperoni. Some of my nicknames are Macaroni, Rice-a-Roni, George-a-Roni, and Rone-rone. Mom also calls me Baby, Sweetheart, Lover Boy, and Honey Bunch. The cleaning lady calls me Sexy.

I live in Raleigh, in North Carolina. It might look as if I lead a life of leisure, but in reality I am quite busy with many jobs. For one thing, I am co-Director of Morale, Mischief, and Mayhem at Sparkles and Angels, which is Mommy's jewelry business. You can read about this job of mine here.

In addition, I have to constantly patrol the couch, the beds, the screened in deck, and the garage. My other duties include looking adorable, holding down
blankies, licking food bowls, keeping Mommy awake at night, and grooming my sisfurs.

I am known as @ronithebrat in the Twitter world, where I have many wonderful, terrific friends, and a gorgeous, feisty, amazing girlfriend, @Condo_Kitty.

You can read more about me on my friend Herman @TattleCat's blog.


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