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Hi my name is Pookie, and I live in the west of Ireland. I was found crying in the bushes near my Mama's home when I was very little. At first I was going to be adopted out, but Mama fell in love with my sweet nature and ginger power.


You've probably noticed I only have one eye, I had some accident that caused the injury, Mama never knew what happened. I struggled with the eye for a few years, trying to save it with antibiotics, but eventually we decided it would be better just to take it out. So we did and after a few weeks of recovery I was back to playing and was much happier! So now I am a pirate cat!

I like playing in paper bags and catching mice. I'm very fussy about my food!

Pookie made the journey to the Rainbow Bridge at the end of February 2016. We leave this page here as a tribute.

Pookie Mac

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