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I live on the “East Side”. That’s not the East Side of anywhere in the USofA but of what you Americans call “the pond”. I’m in the UK; South Wales to be exact.

My first human family didn’t meet my expectations so I relocated. Yes folks, my new servant had no choice; I moved in with him. You can read my story on my web site which is at

I’m the head cat in my neighbourhood and have a reputation as a fearless defender of my territory (which includes the farm next door) and regularly have to visit my favourite vet for war wound treatment (usually getting stabbed in the back of my neck by my auntie Biotic). I’m a master killer of mice, shrews, rabbits, squirrels and moles and anything that looks remotely like a cable. My human has a standing order for a new computer keyboard every three months.

When not on patrol I relax by taking care of those pesky Dreamies (AKA “Temptations” in the USofA). No Dreamie survives when I’m around.

I’m occasionally on Twitter as @PillsterCat and I have a YouTube Channel.  I’m also the webmaster of this site so you can contact me via


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