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My name is Pelotín and I am a Spanish cat. When I was only a few days old, my mother (a street cat) brought me to a flowerpot of a house where live people who look after street cats. That is how I met my beloved humans. They adopted me and I was the baby of the family. That was about 6 years ago, in the summer of 2010.

Now I am a big cat who has 4 years old. My hobbies are chasing butterflies in the spring, chasing fallen leaves in the autumn, catch mice, playing with my friends and playing with balls. This last hobby is the reason why my family named me Pelotín (Spanish word “pelota” means “ball”).

But now I play less than when I was younger. I had a very hard life. Two events left me a mark, perhaps forever…

The first one is that, on one occasion, someone (I don’t know why) shot at me with a pellet shotgun. My family didn't realize it, and I didn’t know how to tell them. They only knew that I was every day more and more ill. They carried me to the vet, and the vet hadn't any idea of what happened to me. So, she took me a radiography. The intention of the vet was to take a radiography of my trunk, but I moved a lot and, accidentally, a leg appeared in the radiography. What a surprise for my vet when she discovered that I had a pellet in that leg! I had that pellet inside during months according to the vet, and I almost die poisoned by the lead, but finally, the vet could save me after a complicated surgery. This event saddened me a lot and debilitated my health.

The other event in my life which left me a mark is when my mother Mere was knocked down in the street by a car… I lost her that day, and since that happened, I am not the playful kitty which I was.

I haven’t a social network account. I don’t like computers. I prefer the street. But if you want to follow an interesting Twitter account, have a look at @HelpForCats, the account of one of the people who gave me and another abandoned cats a home.


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