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We are so proud to be invited to join this wonderful page for Van Alikes. Us, Belladonya, Furlock and Pawson are three of five siblings, the Furball Family. Unfortunately, our sisfur Gentiana and our brofur Black-Eye look very different to us (we think they have a different dad...)

We were born on the 8th May 2010 in Dublin, Ireland and, thanks to our mum being a big softy, were allowed to stay together ever since. 

Our mum, Smudgie, left for the Rainbow Bridge when we were only about 3 weeks old and our “human” mum brought us up by hand. We can't be sure but think that is the reason why all of us are extremely cuddly and friendly. We don't know any strangers – they are just new friends we haven't met yet... And given that there is five of us and mum has only got too hands, we do compete for our little bit of quality time. The only thing we don't like (even from mum) is being picked up and carried around – that's just not on!!!

Undoubtedly, Bella is the prettiest of us (she know it too – bit of a downer). That's why mum called her “Belladonya” - “Bella” for short. The origin of Furlocks name is his exceptionally fluffy fur (which has been known to cause constipation to hoovers) and Pawson was named after his habit of putting his little paws just into everything (drawers, sinks, chimneys etc.). Mum says she's never know any cat to be so curious. As you can see from the photos, he is very close to our sisfur Genti. Mum tried to catch him on a photo on his own but gave up after a while. Only available as a pair…

Bella is the “Alpha Queen” of our furmily. We just don't want to put up with her bad humour-attacks. Better to let her be the Alpha and be done with it ;-). 

To find out more about us, we would be happy to welcome you at our Facebook page.

Thank you and headbonks from The Furballs

Bella, Furlock and Pawson

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