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Hi! My name is Pablo. I came to live with Nice Lady a long time ago. There was already an Other Kitty living here. She doesn't like me much, no matter how hard I try to play with her. Sometimes she scratches my nose but I don't care. 

I'm a bit of a joker, and I like to keep Nice Lady laughing. We play tag and fetch, and I can high-five, play dead and shake a paw for treats. Water fascinates me, too. I'm very cuddly, and a little nutty, and Nice Lady says I'm not too bright, but she hasn't noticed how well I've trained her, so who's the not-too-bright one, huh?

My purr is so loud Nice Lady can't hear the television sometimes! But I love her so much I can't help it.

My twitter handle is @pablo_cat.


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