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Hey everypawdy! My name is Otto von Katze and I'm one year old.

I'm a little bit spoiled and needy (blame Mom), I love cuddling and meowing until I get what I want. I love to lick my parents and then surprise them with a tiny bite, I'm obsessed with cables and chargers and I like to run like hell in the living room at night!!!

I'm an indoor cat because the vet recommended that to Mom, I'm positive to coronavirus and that may lead or not to FIP. So Mom takes good care of me and gives me everything I need!!! 

That's why I'm the king of the house, and I rule with the help of my sidekick Stitch. When I'm angry or alert, I get all spike up and my parents call me Ottozilla.

I was born in the streets of Bogotá in May 2015. Some person found my cat mom with her four little kittens (included me) and took us to a shelter-vet. One night, my human parents saw me and fell in love and they decided to adopt me, but I was not allowed to leave because I had a fungal infection in treatment, so I went home three weeks after that.

My parents treated me and gave me medication to overcome the disease and now I'm the happiest cat in the world!! As soon as I was okay, we flew to California to live for a while and here we are, I love it here!!!

I'm on Instagram as @otto_von_katze

Otto von Katze

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