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I'm a Hemmingway cat and a foundling from Craigslist. I have loving parents, 2 human siblings, 2 guinea pigs, and my pretty Bombay girl named Citlalmina.

I love my people!

I am a simple cat with simple needs.

I started out in a house where the people who loved me broke apart. I was a bit shy of the guy. They tried to re-home me a few times. One place had big dogs called 'Labs' who would not leave me alone. I hid in the basement. I do not like big dogs.

Well, my person took me back. She still didn't want me, so I was put up as an add on a website called
Craigslist. That is where my Momma came into my life.

Momma told me that she had been looking for a companion cat for the American Bombay they had named Panther. This had gone on for a couple of moons. She and daddy were about to go to the Humane Society and look. That one day though Momma decided to give Craigslist one more try.

She was discouraged. She says it's a crap-shoot (whatever that means). People put microchips in cats. Someone steals the cat, posts it for a 're-homing fee', sells the cat and the owner takes it back. She avoided scams by asking how the transfer of the microchip takes place. So many, many people did not call her back after that question.

So, she did that last try and the first thing she saw was my picture.

Momma said she started to panic and was in tears. She emailed my person right away and kept checking the email box every 5 minutes.

My person said she had just put up the ad for me. She brought me to Momma's house that night. I was shoved in that plastic box thing with the holes they use to carry you to the vet. I thought I was going to vet!

Nope! She opened the door. I walked in this apartment and never looked back at that box!

I got petted and called a big beastie by Momma right away. She commented on my large feet and actually sounded happy! Then I met Panther. He wasn't happy. He hissed and spit at me.

It took us a couple of days. Panther was getting sick. I took care of him. I groomed him all the time. Daddy says I tend to groom backwards and make spikes! Hah!

Panther left for Summerland in a couple of months. I was by myself. They took him to the vet and he never came back. They both came back crying. I was sad too. I didn't know. I looked for him everywhere! I took care of him and he wasn't there anymore.

I was the only cat for 2 months. Momma and Daddy cuddled me all the time. I jump into mom's arms from anywhere. I started this then. She needed me and I needed her.

In November of a year called 2011 they went to the Humane Society and found Citlalmina. She's my girl now. She was so tiny! She told me that she had been in a house with too many cats, junk, no food and no water. She would shake when she stood up she was so thin.

She still gets canned food every day. We share it. She runs around with me. I groom her too! Sometimes she slaps me for it. She's so shiny and pretty though.

That's my history. We are in a house now with a yard and a room with LOTS of windows and sunbeams!

My interests are: Sleeping, eating, cuddling under the blankets with mom, playing with bottle caps (Mina showed me those are fun!), my green catnip pillow, the red dot, and jumping off the stairs to land on my scratcher so I can ride it across the wood floor!!

Oh, and my human sibs like to give me treats. There is this one treat that has a soft center and it has catnip in it....

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