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We are Nut & Nugget, two vanalikes who live together although we are not related. Nut (90% white 10% orange) came first, I was about to "get rid of" when I was 4 weeks old since no one wanted me, and then I found my humans. They've been with me ever since. They are very nice, although I would prefer to have access to food and to be human's huge bed more often.

A year and a half later Nugget came to our home. Humans found him on the street, aparently he was abandoned, he had been in the streets for almost a year people said. Humans brought him to the vet and then he came home. At the beggining I was very very mad, because I wanted my humans and all my food for myself. But I have to admitt it is nice to have someone to play with and to annoy all day.

Nor we're kind of friends, except when Nugget decides to eat from my food bowl and when he wants to play chase and catch like there's no tomorrow.

We both live in Barcelona, in a very nice with a big garden. Humans do not let me leave the garden, cause I leave for hours and then I get lost, I always forget to bring a gps. Since Nugget used to live in the streets, he doesn't wanna leave the house.

I love hair bands, human mommy is always buying them for me. It is very nice of her to use them for a couple of days so they become a bit more softy. Nugget loves drinking straws, he keeps them under the couch so humans do not throw them away, he also keeps thems some of them at a secret spot, under the humans' bed.

You can follow our adventures at my twitter account  where I’m @nutthecat.

Nut & Nugget

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