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I’m Monty-the-Pooh, a Turkish Van cat with a larger than life purrsonality! I was born in Saudi Arabia and my mom arranged for me and my foster fursib (Yuri-Puri) to come to the US and issued our passports for international travel! Our destination: America!

Since I am of the ancient Van breed, I have many Vantastic qualities such as intelligence and innovation! I’m business-savvy and I put my business skills to work by launching my online business: The Catrepeneur™ .  I’m a professional product reviewer and promoter. I work hard to identify, research, rate and review fun stuff for my anipals and their pawrents! My website is .

Purrsonality wise, I LOVE attention and presents. My favorite holidays are my birthday, Easter and Christmas!  I play all the time and rarely get bored. If I do, I yell around the house for someone to play with me because I have a low tolerance for boredom.  I love to talk and am very loud. I have an extensive vocabulary and I’ve trained my humans well on how to communicate with me.

I surprised everyone when they thought they were getting a cat but I turned out more like a dog! I love to play fetch and walk on a leash!  I’m very large and like to be pet and praised but hate to be picked up. I have an innate fascination with water. I’m honest and have never stolen food! Vans never steal – it’s part of the Van creed (persistent treat requests are okay though)! Bizarrely, I’m a germaphobe. If anyone sneezes around me, I throw a fit and run away to clean off. I’m very handsome and confident. I get lots of compliments for my fluffy golden tail - mine is made of spun-24K gold silk!  As for my coat, it is bright white, silky and never tangles because I don’t have a wooly undercoat.  My expressive, almond-shaped eyes and tufted ears that look like that of a lynx! My ginger spots are also made with spun-gold silk. According to ancient Van-tradition, the spots on a cat are where they have been blessed by God. The most special blessing-spot to have is between the shoulders; as you can see – I have the extra-special blessing from God! He loves me and all the anipals tremendously!  

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You can also read more about me on my friend Herman @TattleCat's blog.


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