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Hi there. I’’m Tootee. That’s Lady Tootee of you don’t mind. I’ll let my Mum tell my story:

A year and a half ago, I was walking for exercise around the adjoining neighborhoods and on a very fateful day I walked past one house where two cats were sitting.  Being a long time lover and previous owners of cats, I immediately stopped and the cats both came over to me.  One was Tootee and the other kitty was a mix of black,brown and orange.  They both greeted me and the other kitty went off to sit down but Tootee stayed.

I took Tootee home with me as it was quite obvious that she was starving.  I had come to live back at home with my mum and we have been loving Tootee ever since!

Tootee trusted me immediately.  She had what looked like tar under her chin and neck.  It made her eyes close up as well.  With a lot of TLC we got her cleaned up and her eyes cleared up all by themselves thank God.  She does have a permanent limp and our Vet said she is a bit too old; between ten and thirteen human years to have surgery. 

Tootee loves a brand of food called Felix, Temptations and fresh meats.  She loves going for walks around the villas where we live without a leash, she loves rubs on the side of her mouth and above her eyes near her ears.  She doesn't like being picked up either! But will tolerate sitting up on my lap for the aforementioned pats and rubs! She also loves sleeping on feet when the humans watch TV! She sleeps in the bathroom during summer time.

I don’t yet have a Twitter account (glares at Mum!) But you can get in touch with me through her account, which is @budgeco

Lady Tootee

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