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I’m KURI. That means chestnuts in Japanese.

It named after my fluffy fur colour. I was rescued when I was 1 month old. My Birthday is Rescue day. (23rd October, 2014)


Then my guardian raised me by powder milk. I’ve heard about that was hard and difficult time… I’m boy cat, but easily to mistake for girl.


I like to eat all the time! Especially, I love dried Japanese persimmon, Yummy!

I love “Dreamies”, lately !!!

I hate citrus fruits!!!!! I run away when I see them.

Always put them to keep me away from my favourites…



I’ve got 2 roommate cats, Rupee and Noah. (Some photos on my Twitter) I have good time with them every day. Rupee is the oldest of the three. He is big, easy to scare and friendly to me. Noah and I always run around in our house. She is strong fighting instinct. She is 2 years older than I. I always lost when I was a half year. Lately, I got win the fight!!! I’m bigger than her! But her mentality is too strong…I give up to win these days.


Anyway, I’m honoured to be invited to Vanalikes Club. I wish to be the first cat to join the club in Japan! I really Thank You to find out my Twitter account (@KumiNathf)


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