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I was born in August 2011 in the wastepaper basket of an outdoor privy in a small village in Bulgaria. Some days later there were human voices around and a door opening and closing. Catmum got nervous, and in the night moved me and my sister across the road, into the cellar of a big, much newer house.

 Next time I awoke, there were 2 ladies cooing over us, chatting excitedly. Catmum was not afraid of them, because they have been feeding her for some days already, and she knew that they both loved cats. She even let them change the bedding, and make us a luxurious kitty crate. And the younger lady gave her names: I was called KHAN ASPAROUKH (but everybody calls me POOKHIE), my sister Sofia, and Catmum was already named Messalina.

 The younger lady brought a chair to the cellar, and spent daily hours & hours with me and sis, cuddling us, kissing us and just showering us with love. She was our babysitter when Catmum had to go outside to do her Catstuff, and we felt safe with her. And then, maybe on the 3 day after we first met, she told me that when I get a bit older, I will be her boy forever & she will be my Mum, and that she will also find a good home for sis.

 And that was it: I started recognizing her steps on the stairs, and waited at the edge of our crate every time she came. I loved her already! A week later we moved upstairs, and I met my future brother GENGHIS KHAN. He was so much bigger; I could go under him with height to spare!

 Mum and Bro had to leave after that, because her vacation was over and I felt how sad she was to be separated from me! But I was way too young to be without Catmum yet. So we stayed with Gran & Catmum and were spoiled rotten, until sis went to her new place. Gran and I moved first to a big city, and then we both hopped on a plane to finally reunite with Mum and Bro. That was at X-mas time 2011, and Mum said I was the best present she has ever ever had in her life!

 So now I live in a top floor apartment in Vienna with mum and big Bro Genghis Khan, and actually rule the house. Big Bro is a 12 years old rescue, part Maine Coon, part Tiger, part Dragon, part Moggy, who is on a mission to destroy all vets, and make them bleed. He has a reputation to be character wise true to his name, but he’s always been the gentlest of brothers to me although I have bees in my rear and bug him relentlessly. Actually apart from the colouring, he could be a Vanalike too, so I guess he is a Vanatheart. We are a great team actually: he scares, I charm!

 Life is good here! Apart from enjoying crazy chases around the flat, scaring the crows that Mum feeds on the windowsill, following Mum around as a dog, demanding endless belly rubs and indulging in blissful naps, I have one great passion: food. Lot’s of it. At any time. That’s why I weight at present 6.7 kg or 14.7lbs (I am even a bit heavier than Bro). And my absolute favourites are Black Olives and White Bread. I believe this is the definite sign that a Turkish Van Cat is hiding inside me!

 You can find me on Twitter under @khancats, and if my Mum finally gets serious about it, soon in an e-book and on a website together with Bro.

Khan Asparoukh aka Pookhie &  vanatheart Big Bro Genghis Khan

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