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Want to join us and get your very own page here? Check out the “What Are Van-Alikes” page to see if you qualify.

Looks-wise, you’ll have some patterning, which may be just ginger or include some black, and the inverted V shape on the forehead (which may be off-centre and/or less pointed). Your tummy will mostly be white. Something like our distinguished Council Member Schrody on the left.  You may or may not have a ringed tail. Some purebred vans will only have colour on their heads and tails; the entire body is white.

You may have long or short hair (purebreds tend to have longer hair). You may be a big cat and look a bit top-heavy. This is normal and you are not overweight!

Character-wise, you may well like water, which most cats hate and like jumping in the bath or shower with your staff or playing fishing games in the toilet.

You’re likely to be intelligent and the boss of your home (and your owners, who we refer to as “staff”). You love the company of people and you’re not shy. You live life to the full - you play hard and sleep hard.

If you think you fit the bill and want to join, please send an email to with:

If you need to split the photos over several emails, just use your name in all the subject boxes so we can link them together. We can cope with messages up to 20MB at this end by the way.

We’ll be back in touch within a few days.

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If you don’t quite make the Vanalike grade, maybe you’ll qualify as a “Van-at-Heart” friend. Check out the friends page to find out more.

We are sorry but the club is currently unable to accept new applications for membership.