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I was in a great home but because a new member of the family had bad allergies to me I had to find a new one. In the new apartment there was a neighbour downstairs called papacat and I visited his place all the time. When my new owner left I was practically already moved in and it was agreed that I should stay with papacat. Now I live with papacat, mamacat, and my sister cat, Kinsey, in Toronto, Canada. Before moving into my forever home I had problems with my teeth and recently had to get them removed. Don't worry, I can eat just fine and I have a nice little belly.

I am super mellow, like the Dude, but I'm also the boss of the house for sure - demanding snuggles and playtime. Very few things scare me and everyone who meets me thinks I'm handsome and immediately falls in love. Snuggling with humons is my favorite passtime. If I don't get me my snuggles I go full brat cat. Besides "the snug" I like eating treats and tuna, playing with strings (my favorite toy), and lying out on the deck. I twitch and snore often while snoozing.

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