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I’m a rescue cat that was a tiny baby when rescued. My Mom says I’m “sweet” (but I try to avoid mentioning that). I’m  large & long with medium length fur and a huge bushy tail! I’m white & ginger and people say I actually look like a creamsicle! My fur is super soft! Feels like expensive cashmere very silky or even like super soft rabbit fur! It's heavenly!

I was 3 yrs old in October (2015) & am extremely mischievous and smart! I love playing fetch and stand on my hind legs when I know I’m getting treats! I’m very social & lovable! Cue another “Sweetest boy ever” from Mom who doesn’t get (too) get mad at me when I chew up phone cords, shred up wall paper & break things!

I have a huge cat tree house & multiple scratch pads with tons of toys! I’m not always naughty just highly amused with things LOL!

And I’m amused with water! Love to sneak in the shower when the slider isn't properly closed and love running water! I’m always dropping my toys in my water dish LOL! Everything revolves around me! I’m talkative and can be demanding!

I won't have it any other way, of course!

I share my Twitter account with Mom and you can find me at @SoCalrockergal.  


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