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I’m a ninja cat whom “The Club” has been trying to recruit for aaaaages! I had to decide if the #Vanalikes met my high standards. I don’t want to join any old club; after all, I’m special.

My birthday is August 9th, I will be 6 years old (in 2015 that is) My vet called me a healthy perfect cat because I am so friendly and rubbed up against her leg on first meeting. I have 2 bowls of water, not one and I love to lay on terry cloth, tissue paper and in cardboard boxes. I will eat only certain kinds of Fancy Feast, catmilk, temptations, Iams, sometimes peanut butter and yoghurt. I have many toys but still love paper attached to a shoelace. 

Come and meet me on Twitter where I’m Hobbes le Pussycat. But don’t try and cuddle me! I hate being cuddled. After all, a Vanalike like me commands respect, obedience, subservience! Anything but cuddles!

Hobbes (le Pussycat)

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