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I’m Herman!!! ◄ Note 3 three exclamation points. I never go anywhere without them.

I live south of Memphis, Tennessee USA. I was 8 months old when I arrived on my future pawrents property in Kentucky during a blizzard, and spent the first ten years as a cute, but exasperating member of their fur family. Let’s just say I had a lot of energy and it got me into trouble. Like the time my mom caught me mid-leap when I tried to jump into a hot oven, and the numerous times I bolted out the door and ran through the woods. I usually picked the days Mom wore her bunny slippers.

Fast forward to October 2011. I joined Twitter's Anipal community as @TattleCat (cuz I’m a bit of a tattle tale, always telling on my fursibs) and catapulted from exasperating to exceptional. I inspired my author mom to write a children's book starring me: Finding Mya, published in 2014. I’m also the star of a new mystery series call Sherlock Herms. I travel with her to book signings, and went to Blogpaws in Vegas & Nashville where I walked the red carpet on a leash. I love to ride in the car, seated in my mom’s lap as we drive from Memphis up to Michigan. I especially am fascinated by brightly lit trucks as they roar past. If you want to read more about my life, my mom’s author website has a blog about me and the Wonderpurr Gang. You might want to meet my lil sisfur @Adorapurr too. She’s kinda pesky, but I love her.

I tweet as @TattleCat.

My blog is It’s A Wonderpurr Life.

I also have a Facebook Fan Page.


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