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Hi, my name is Harley, I'm a rescue boy cat from Chestnut Cat Sanctuary and now reside in Hertfordshire, England.   Yes, I'm named after the bike, as my staff once rode a Harley Davidson whilst in the USA.  I've lived with my current humans since 2007, but I'm not very good at counting, so I don't know my age for certain, but I think I was born around 2005.

I pretty much rule the roost round here, although there's one cat I have to avoid, dogs however, and all other cats, I can usually stand my ground.  I enjoy nothing more than hiding in the bush, and then jumping out and surprising a passing dog, especially one I haven't seen before.  Humans however are much more tolerable, I'm friendly with strangers, as long as they're not small and noisy, and I enjoy a cuddle with my staff on my terms, however I don't like being picked up.

My humans and I do various tricks, I can demonstrate a "Lie down", "Up" (standing on back paws) and a "High Five", all for treats of course.

Finally, I'd like to mention that I have my own Twitter account, one of my staff usually posts a brand new picture of me once a day with a few words on what I've been up to that day, follow me @daily_harley


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