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My name is Grissom (after Gil Grissom from CSI) and I'm a Spinone Italiano. My Mommy and I have been inseparable since she adopted me when I was only 5 years old. My old family didn’t want me anymore. They threw me in a kennel and never came back. I was scared and depressed. I didn’t think anyone could love me anymore. They cut off my hair and didn’t talk to me -- at all! I just shut down. When my breeder tracked me down, she took me home. But I knew I didn’t belong there, either.

Then, my future Forever Mom showed up. I knew in my heart she was there for ME! Up until that day people only came for the cute puppies, but she looked past them and declared that I was meant for her.

When I arrived at my Forever Home, guess what? There were kitties! Lots and lots of kitties! I LOVE kitties! I had 6 new brothers and sisters! I was so excited! They didn’t want to play at first, but when I made myself really, really small (hard to do when you weigh 115 lbs!) they came over and welcomed me into the family.

When I heard Cousin Herman!!! had joined a kool kids klub called #VanAlikes, I asked him if I could join. He got purrmission from the VanAlike Council and they created a special mempurrship for me called Vans-At-Heart. Yay me!

My favorite things are going to the Park, getting treats, snuggling in bed with Mama and do’n the Happy Dance! Even tho I’m 11 yrs young I can still jump and twist when Mom walks in the door. Then we lay on the couch, she has coffee and I snuggle close with my head on her legs. She likes that. I live to make her smile and laugh.  I also protect her from men in hats and little girls (they scream really high and loud). I bark and they keep right on walking past the house. It’s my job and I do it well.

I’m so happy to be here!!

I tweet as @GrissomVanKitty


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The Club is sorry to announce that Grissom made the journey to the Rainbow Bridge at the end of July 2016.

We leave this page here as a tribute to a fun and much-loved pal.