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Hi. I’m George (often called Georgie).

I met my Mom about 5 months after she lost her Russian Blue after 17 years of true bliss. I was the sibling of Cosmo - as you may recall from the Seinfeld episodes. I actually have more of the Cosmo characteristics in that I’m the one to slide into the room with out fear or boundaries.

I was in a shelter with my brother and the shelter wanted to adopt both bro and me to the same home. But my new Mom wasn’t ready for that because she works long hours. So she deferred.

But about 3 months later the gal from the shelter said they decided to split us up and that Cosmo already had a home. So Mom came by and kidnapped me. She let me go wild so she could see the maximum extent of damage right away, but she was hoping for the best and and much to her surprise, I was awesome (except for the overturned pot in her master bath) lol! So she knew I was the one.

I don’t have my own Twitter account but you can reach me via Mom who’s @Lizzzt.


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