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Hello I'm Freddy.

Dad gave me my full name because I look like I'm made up of bits of left over cat! Pah! Mom named me after her favourite cricketer.

They chose me in 2010 from the Cats Protection League. My foster mum said she didn't know why nobody had chosen me. Well I do - my proper mom hadn't become available before then!

Mom thinks I'm a Van cross because of my fur, it's quite long and very silky like an Angora cat, but when it's wet it dries in a flash - well, a shake really. I was found in a street apparently. I don't remember much before I got picked up.

I love to supervise. I love to drink bathwater, the hotter the better. Sometimes I get in! Gave Mom a fright first time it happened. She's used to it now though. I sleep on Mom's chest after squidging her left shoulder. I'm a creature of habit really. I also like to sleep on my back.

I am on Twitter @freddyvancat. My Twife is @alyst_cat, who is a Lady of Autumn #tloa. My Mom is a Reiki healer and together we set up the WLF Healing Bank. I love to receive Reiki from my Mom, and sometimes I give her some healing purrs because she needs them. I have two sisfurs: Pyincess Merlyn Marderfuff Woollybum Snotdotter, and Mini Tartlette Bumwiggler. We are all adopted. Merlyn is top cat, and Mini is a pain in the bum, but I tolerate her.

And I’ve been promised LOTS and LOTS of Dreamies if I mention my Mum’s web site Pandora’s Box Healing. Tell her I sent you and I’ll get even more,

Freddy Van der  Bitsa Cat

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