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We are all rescue cats. We were abandoned just after being born, tied up in a plastic bag and left. But we were very lucky because our HuMom found us very quickly and took us home with her. She hand-reared us and today we are 9 years old. 

We’re easy to tell apart - Monty is grey/white, Claudia black/white and Freddie ginger.

Monty has his own book published too.  Look for “Monty and His Amazing Adventures” at your country’s Amazon store (Amazon insisted on a human editor so it’s listed as by Debbie Spencer although Monty did write it all).

We’re on Twitter as @debsspencer1.

Claudia married another Van-at-Heart member, Freddie, in October 2014. You can see the wedding photo album here. (Turn your speakers on if you want to hear the music).

Freddie, Claudia  & Monty

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