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Freddie was rescued from a farm full of ferrel cats. His sister Lola and brother Rocky were also rescued. Freddie and Rocky went to live with a loving family and Lola went to their mummies best friend. Freddie was a live wire and had the biggest eyes the vet had seen! The brothers were best of buds and loved, slept, ate together.

However poor Rocky contracted the horrible disease of FIP and he became very distressed. Freddie gave him lots of love and support but Rocky went over the rainbow bridge at only 5 months old.

Freddie was devastated. He didn't understand. He turned to his sister Lola to find out that she was epileptic and could no longer run and play much either. She had to have quiet, which Freddie didn't didn't have much of.

Lost and alone mum and dad did their best to cheer him up. His big eyes were always sad now. That's when mum found another adoptive brother, Charlie to come and play. Freddie wasn't sure at first. What if he gave his love to his new brother, for it all to go wrong again? But Charlie's Vanalike charms won him round!

Freddie has lost his heart to his little brov and although Charlie is bigger, that doesn't stop Freddie looking out for him like a big brother does! We think they will always be true ginger brothers looking out for one another.

Please find us on twitter under Charlie & Freddie @donnagocat, on Facebook Donna Goddard and email.

Freddie married another Van-at-Heart member, Claudia, in October 2014. You can see the wedding photo album here. (Turn your speakers on if you want to hear the music).


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