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My name is Dora, and my story begins four months after my human's black cat, Tru, went over the rainbow bridge at 15. Although my human felt she was not ready to adopt another cat yet, her friends insisted she "just look". For weeks, they dragged her to various shelters, sometimes kidnaping her during her lunch hour. My human was sad, and did not feel a connection with any of the cats she saw.

One day, she and a friend were at Pet Food Express buying food for her friend's dog. This PFE showcases cats from the San Francisco Animal Care and Control. On this particular day, I saw her, and cranked up my charm to eleven. There was something about her....she looked so sad. I knew I could fix that. My human was unsure...I was an adult cat (3 years old), and I admit, I was a little rough around the edges: a torn ear and a scar across my nose. It was posted that I had a heart murmur and teeth issues. She didn't think she had the fortitude to take on a feline with special needs. We played with each other through the glass, but she did not take me home with her that day.

But I made an impression! (I knew I would). My human couldn't get me out of her mind. She decided that she could give a cat with special needs a good life - for however long we had together - and told herself if I was still at the store the next day, she would meet me and maybe take me home. 

When I saw her come in the next day, I knew I was going home with her. She got a discount on the adoption cost due to the heart murmur (I guess they thought I was damaged goods or something). She signed the papers, and off we went to start our life together. It took a few weeks for both of us to acclimate. My fur eventually covered my nose scar, and a vet checked me out...turns out I didn't have a heart murmur after all! The teeth though....I have terrible teeth, and had to get a couple removed.

It's been four years now, and I'm so happy to have a loving home. I like having my tummy rubbed, I squeak when I'm happy or excited, I fetch balls, and do tricks for treats: I sit on command, can twirl left, twirl right, high five and shake hands! I even have my very own Twitter account, with many pawesome followers! Follow me at @SqueakyMissD


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