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I'm Declan! I spent my formative years in the backwoods of southern Illinois.  I spent alot of time in my crate during this time.

It's assumed that I was used for #Vanalikes "stud services".  In January of 2015, about nine months old I was transferred to the Right Way Rescue in suburban Chicago.  

In my second week I was adopted by Momz and Mom.  When I came to my forever home I was quite the wild child. Momz, who is an animal trainer, worked hard on training me using physical affection.  I was slowly being trained and now I am an exceedingly happy chappy.  

I live with Jeremy, a "Tuxie" (Black & White fur brother).who plays with me every day, and Jean Brodie, an elder Ginger girl who I sometimes push around.  Momz is still training me on that one! I am a loveable friendly fellow whose abode is manna for the cat world.  Stop by and say hi! I am on Twitter @Splinteredones


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