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Meow! We're brofur and sisfur Cutie and Pumpkin. If you're wondering why my name is Cutie, well, the humans thought I was a girl because I am so cute, and they thought Pumpkin was a boy because she was all scraggly.

You see, we were born in our human's backyard. They found us with our mom one summer and they started feeding us. Pumpkin was so scared of the humans that she would only come out when they were gone and there was only little to eat. I was very friendly though and I let them pet my super soft fur.

But one day our mom didn't come back. We started following the humans to their door because we were tired of being alone in the cold. And guess what? They were madly in love with us and they let us in!

Today, we have Mama, Papa, Little Papa, and Little Mama to complete our family. We sleep on their beds, demand for our food, meow endlessly for them to play with us, jump on their furniture, command them to groom us, and purr our way into their hearts. There's no turning back. We're in this for keeps!

Meow with us on Twitter @cutieandpumpkin. We love chatting with #furiends!

Cutie and Pumpkin

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