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Hi I'm Charlie ShortTail.

I am a very friendly, ginger and white tom cat with a rather short, but very cute tail.

I live on the East coast of England with my older brother Lando Enzo, a handsome and clever tabby cat, and my huMUM and dad. I am the boss, of course! I'm quite lazy, but hey that's okay. I love the sun, cuddles, food and making nests (I'll show you later). I also like going out in the rain and sitting in puddles. I’m good at climbing trees, catching mice (and rats) and sleeping. I need regular meals throughout the day to keep me going; chicken is my favourite.

A little bit more about me:

The first thing I caught and brought home as a growing kitten was a fried egg (does this count as stealing?). I sometimes like to climb through the neighbours’ windows for a smooch around, and if I get tired I have a little sleep on the beds. I like to stare through windows at people and sometimes dogs. I am really good at hiding - inside beds, wardrobes, suitcases, empty boxes and flower beds. I often get quite dirty; sleeping in compost heaps can be quite smelly too. This is not all bad as I love to be brushed and pampered. A towel rub is quite nice too, especially if I have got very wet…this happens a lot in England!

I can be found at where I have my own blog called “the big meow”, which is all about me and my friends. I am a small cat, but I have a lot to say! I have also helped to gather thousands of gorgeous photos of beautiful cats, and I have a special post all about Turkish Van cats, please have a look at and if you would like a picture of your Van cat on the post please send a picture to Charlie.

I myself have many attributes which make Turkish van cats so special, however I’m not a “royal true blood”. I am very loved and a bit spoiled.

I also tweet (mmmm meow) on twitter @charlieshortail where I have made some great vanalike furriends. I have a facebook page “Charlie Shorttail” where I chat with my friends and share news.

I hope you enjoy reading about me.

Charlie ShortTail

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