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My name is Charlie. I think I have the makings of a true vanalike!

I was born in a cat litter tray! My furmum found a friendly home that happened to belong to a lovely lady that runs a cat rescue centre. My sisters were all smaller than me, I was twice their size! I stayed there til I was 9 weeks old. My new Hooman mum had lost a kitten to FIP and wanted a new brother for the other kitten left, Freddie. I was chosen specially. I am a cheeky chappie, full of mischief! Maybe a bit on the large size! But I'm not fat! I like sleeping in odd places, eating carrots, can hear a tin opening from faraway places, tummy knows the time, and I love leading Freddie a merry dance!

My mum has a twitter account @donnagocat and a Facebook account Donna Goddard. And email


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