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My Name is Castiel named by a hoomin after a Angel which I am obviously.

My hoomin found me in a foster home after another hoomin beat me up. When I arrived at the new palace i decided it was all mine and marked it as such. The hoomins had me "done"  for which one day I’ll have my revenge. 

MY favourite things are kisses, cuddles, and tuna, wait Tuna, kisses, cuddles, no Tuna, tuna, tuna.. That’s it...

No DREAMIES, tuna, tuna, cuddles, kisses, tuna.

 I also love to kill the sponge in the sink and present it to my hoomin at 3 am usually.

I am a indoor kitty as we live too close to a very busy main road and a really busy railway line, both of which have claimed many many furry lives. :(

I am very shy at first but once i know you, you're mine :)

I have a twitter account which i have to share with my bro from another mo.

@Sammyandcastiel is my twitter account, feel free to say hi.

Castiel made the final journey to the Rainbow Bridge on 5 September 2014. We leave this page here as a tribute.


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