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My name is Bubbles. I am part of the Crazy Cats furry family @mycathateyou

We live in South Africa near Johannesburg.

My Cat sister are Katteryn, Gretchen and Roxanne. It took a while for us all to get along when I came, but now we are all comfortable with each other.

I am a cross between a Maltese and Jack Russell. My fur is long and my colouring is very unusual and I have spotty paws!

I am an outside dog, I hate being indoors as I want to run around, play with my toys and chase things all day long. I will guard my food from the birds and growls at my sisters only if I think they want to steal my food! I am the most loveable little bundle of energy and always have a smile.

My nick names are Boutus, Bubbelina and Babz.  I talk allot and I love patrolling with my little cat Sister Roxanne outside.

I’m honoured to be a van-at-heart friend.


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