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Hi furriends, my name is Bella.  I was abandoned in a snow storm and was hiding in a tree, crying for somebody to help me.  Anice police lady came and got me down and took me to the station where I met my foster mommy.  She took me home and loved me so so much.  I really wanted to stay with her forever, and we were together for a long time. We played together and snuggled a whole lot, and she helped me when I had my kitten Tiny.  But mommy eventually had to find me my forever home.  She was so picky about who I could live with, they had to be just the right family.  She finally found me a wonderful place with a wonderful family, but I miss mommy everyday and she misses me too, with all her heart.  She is helping Tiny and me apply to Vanalikes so that she can see us and think of us whenever she wants to.  ♥

Bella and Tiny

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Hi efurrbody, I'm Tiny, Bella's son.  I'm a little lover and a snuggler.  My foster mommy helped bring me into the world, my mommy Bella was having a really hard time.  I love my foster mommy so much and she loves me too.  She looked and looked and looked and finally found me a forever home, but she cried so much that I didn't want to leave her.  I just know that someday when we get to Heaven we will all be together again, forever this time.  ♥