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Hi, I’m Bailey. I am a lap cat and love cuddling. I also like visitors and greet anyone who comes to the house. My favorite activities include sleeping, looking out windows and playing. One of my favorite toys is a wand from da Bird that only has the string left. It’s really fun to chase the string as it slides across the kitchen floor. I also really like bunny kicking toys full of catnip.

I have white fur with dark spots next to my ears and near my rump. I have a few extra toes on my front feet. You’ll probably noticed in my pics that I also don’t have a tail. I don’t remember if I ever had a tail, or if I was born without it.

I adopted my Mom one April day in 2012, when she was loading cans of paint into her car. I came up and rubbed up against her. She tried to tell me that she wasn’t mine, but I knew she belonged to me. She let me follow her into the house and it has been home ever since that day.

I am on Twitter as @Mr_Bailey_Cat


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