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Hi I'm Athena, I'm a 3 year old Siamese mix! My mother is purebred Siamese and my Father is an Orange and white pillow with legs!

I was born April 21 2010, I was kitten number 7! I have all sorts of personality traits: I love staring at water, zooming through the house, dancing with rugs, following mom around like a puppy and LOVE to snuggle; mom says that I'm the most neediest cat on earth!! talking all the time!

I love my belly kissed and rubbed. I don't sit on laps. I lay next to mom or on top of mom. I have the funniest way of getting her attention, If she doesn't give me what I want, I flop in front of her when she's walking and if she's STILL not doing what I want, then I flop again and then yell at her! I'm very intelligent, I know how sit, turning on the water, and opening the refrigerator! So I need to play all day or I get bored and throw a tizzy fit, zooming throughout the house and  breaking stuff!

I sometimes sneak outside and beat up the tom cats! I am the Cat Goddess of the Neighbor hood! If they come into my territory they will be punished; after I walk away and turn around, if they’re not walking fast enough, I go at them again! I also am the defender of the weak and sick animals who are too weak to fight!

I is Truly a Cat Goddess!

Cat Goddess Athena

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