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My name is Ali. I am 3 years old. I come from a litter of about 8 kittens all of whom were orange and white. We were dumped at the next door neighbors house.

About two months after we were dumped I snuck away from the neighbors and came to my current moms house and she found me on the chair on the back porch sleeping. She picked me up, brought me in and I have never looked back.

My mom says I am the most gregarious cat in the house. Van lineage is strongly suspected due to the nature and coloring  of the whole litter.  

I live with 7 other kitty brothers and sisters and 1 crazy Papillon dog (who is also orange and white). I have forced myself on everyone, animal or human in this house and have made everyone love me. I am a ball of energy and constantly trying to find things to do, but when I'm tired I find one of my brothers or sisters and curl up with them and take a long nap.

I live on a hobby ranch in the Arkansas Ozarks with chickens and horses too. I am on Twitter along with my siblings and we are known as 8 crazy ranch cats.

My name is Ali...hear me roar!


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